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On the other hand, you have the ability to completely customise your experience of SocialWidget. Create fresh categories for your store of content, import content from your own RSS feeds refined through keyword searches and .CSV files allow an alternative way of storing and refining your content in a spreadsheet that can be imported at your leisure.



Widget comes with a variety of preset categories and RSS Feeds filled with industry specific content, which may be relevant to your company/client base. SocialWidget is constantly updated with new categories and articles. We ensure you’re never left in the dark when it comes to generating quality content.



One of the best ways to generate content for your site is mining RSS Feeds of sites which are relevant to your industry, or sites you are assured to get quality content from. We will not only allow for you to recommend imports from RSS Feeds and store them in categories, we have taken the time to source manufacturer relevant and popular culture RSS Feeds and stored them within our database. Allowing you to cherry-pick the content relevant to you and even post as soon as the RSS is updated, or to be stored in a category for later. For that content which is only relevant for a certain period of time, you can set an expiry dates to ensure it is not posted beyond the period set by you.



You also have the option to view your schedule in a calendar set-up, showing everything you have scheduled for the month and where it is going. With Widget, it’s all about making the process as user friendly as possible.



There are times of course when you may not want certain pieces of content stored and recycled for eternity (breaking news, tech innovations etc.) Social Widget allows you to set ‘content lifespans’. Set the period of time you want the content to be available for and that’s it. When the time is up, the content will become in-active.



The Queue of content lined up, shows exactly which pieces of content are coming out of your categories. Decide you’d rather not post one of them? Simply click the shuffle icon and your content will be switched up. Keep shuffling until your absolutely happy with what’s going out. With Widget you are in complete control.



The Single Post feature is also an extremely useful tool. When big things go on in your business and you want to keep people informed, or you want to shout from the rooftops about something over and over again, the single post tool allows you to schedule singular pieces of content as many times as you see fit. Simply assign timeslots, save and your work is done. The posts will appear like magic, in your queue.



You also have the option to duplicate pieces of content so you can tweak as you see fit, as well as storing and scheduling the original. These posts, although they may only be relevant for a certain period time, can be assigned to your existing categories if you so wish.



We understand the changing face of social media, how posts with media attachedgenerally garner more interactions from your ‘likees’. Widget has an extensive array of stock images and we are always looking to expand it. When uploading images into Widget, you can store them in our library to use with any of your posts.



Widget supports Facebook, Twitter, RSS imports from websites and with enhancements coming all the time we will inform you as soon as we add something to Widgets repertoire. As well as supporting the major browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and the rest!



We accept that performance is not restricted to merely rating interactions on social media but there are many hidden factors which are included such as clicks and post reach. Social Media platforms have analytics of their own, however these can be more of an overall performance guide, not involving the nitty gritty of social interactions. Plus flipping between platforms and analytics can make the process tiresome. We combine these analytics into a singular report, whereby you can track the performance of individual posts over all your networks. Giving you the tools to decipher which content works and which content flops.